Good Farm Fund Benefit Dinner serves up a side dish of hope

Tomorrow night is my favorite event of the year. And it’s not because of the unparalleled farm to table menu, fancy locally-distilled cocktails, lovely summertime gathering of so many friends and community members, or the fact that we will raise thousands of dollars for local farms.┬áIt’s because of what happened when I went to theContinue reading “Good Farm Fund Benefit Dinner serves up a side dish of hope”

Farm to Table Dinner: July 18th at Caspar Community Center

We are super excited to announce the first Farm to Table Dinner of the summer! When: Friday July 18, 2014 at 7 pm Where: Caspar Community Center What: A delicious meal featuring locally sourced veggies, meats, cheese and grains from farms throughout Mendocino County. The meal is a surprise, based on what is seasonally available.Continue reading “Farm to Table Dinner: July 18th at Caspar Community Center”

Farm to Table Harvest Feast: A Benefit for Mendocino County School Gardens

We are delighted to bring the Farm to Table Dinner experience to our inland community this fall, to help keep school gardens open throughout the county. Eat Mendocino Presents a Farm to Table Harvest Feast Hosted at Black Oak Coffee Roasters (476 N. State Street, Ukiah) Saturday November 9th, 2013 Join us for a 100%Continue reading “Farm to Table Harvest Feast: A Benefit for Mendocino County School Gardens”

Save the date: Farm-to-Table Dinner & Pie Auction – August 24th

There is no easier way to be a locavore than to let us feed you! We have scheduled the next Farm-to-Table Dinner for Saturday August 24th, 2013 at the Caspar Community Center. The event is open to the public and families are welcome. Join us for a 100% Mendocino-grown meal featuring food from local farmsContinue reading “Save the date: Farm-to-Table Dinner & Pie Auction – August 24th”

Eat Mendocino in the Real Estate Magazine

Dear readers, I know, it’s been awhile. Last month I used up all of my words writing this article for the Real Estate Magazine, which defies its name to feature local human interest stories. I was excited to be invited to write the cover story for last month’s issue and it’s created a real buzzContinue reading “Eat Mendocino in the Real Estate Magazine”

morning of our Farm to Table Dinner

This evening we’re feeding dinner to the community. We hope you’re coming! Today will be a lot of rushing around, coordinating harvesting, picking flowers, laying out the jewelry I’ve been making, and watching our beloved chef Matt glide around unconcernedly deciding what he’s going to make out of the mountain of local food we’re assembling.Continue reading “morning of our Farm to Table Dinner”