Eat Mendocino

2 women, 365 days, 3,878 square miles

The Rules

When we say local, we mean local. We will only be eating food that is produced in Mendocino County. This means we grow, raise, pick or catch it here.

The RulesWe wrote out the rules at a bar, while having ceremonial cocktails since that won’t be happening again for a long time (even though we rarely go to bars or drink). I know, the light is terrible – bars aren’t known for their lighting. So, here they are:

  • We eat locally produced food, not locally processed food. So, if the inputs aren’t local, we don’t eat it (coffee, tea, mustard, beer, jam, and… ice cream)
  • We are not making exceptions for staples such as grains or oils. Some of those things grow here, and those that don’t will not be staples for us.
  • We will not use spices, sauces or flavorings that made with ingredients produced outside of the County. This is where it gets real.
  • If we are traveling or happen to be outside of the county, we will be 100% committed to eating food that is locally produced in that place, as close to the farm or garden as possible.
  • Our first priority is produce as much food for ourselves as we can and source the rest directly from the farmer, rancher, fisherman through barter and exchange. We will also support local grocers that sell locally produced food.

Note: If you want to gift or trade something that you have grown or produced, we are most grateful! But, please do not ship items to us or make a special trip to do so (because oil isn’t very local). Thanks for understanding.

3 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. Bravo! Exactly my sentiments….

  2. Very cool. I like the hardcore line. Might as well, especially when it comes to staples and oils where most people (and restaurants) fall off the local boat.
    I will be following now that I found out about you guys.

    Keep up the good work!

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