About Us

We are two resourceful, dorky, and totally awesome women embarking on an experiment in local eating.  Starting on January 1st, 2013, we began a year of eating food that is grown, raised and foraged in Mendocino County, California. Why? Because it is possible. Because anything is possible. And because we want to inspire a new agricultural future by enjoying the abundance of this land, celebrating those who farm, inspiring new farmers and eaters, and building massive amounts of topsoil. We invite you to join us in this endeavor by eating with us, feeding us, and sending some love our way!

Gowan was born in Mendocino County and grew up around animals and plants in a culture of activism and lots of Grandma wisdom. She started studying metal arts in high school, and went to two different art schools focusing on metal fabrication but also studying ceramics, wood turning, and art history. She worked for an eco-jewelry company fabricating jewelry, often for celebrities, then helped run a gallery in Portland, OR and sold jewelry in boutiques.
Eventually the pull got too strong and she ran away to be a farmer. After an OSU certificate program and a bunch of volunteering, and Master Gardener training, she worked on a 150 acre farm while managing a half acre homestead. She always wanted to come home someday, and when a job opening as farm manager of Noyo Food Forest came available, she made the leap, packed up the quail in a U-Haul and came home. Now she manages a 2 acre farm full of food and people. She grows produce, raises goats, chickens, ducks and quail, and provides a place for youth and community to be in the garden. She maintains a metal arts and wood turning studio, and her goal in the community is to feed everyone, make art, and build topsoil.
Sarah was raised among the tomato & zucchini plants in her father’s garden in Chico, CA. She loves to eat really good food and is a longtime local food enthusiast. Sarah owns a consulting business called Bison Media and as a communications strategist she has helped hundreds of local businesses and organizations tell their story. She considers herself a professional dot-connector and a bull-headed manifester.
She has lived in Mendocino County for seven years and has become fascinated with uncovering the abundant treasures of this place – from the people to the land and the sea. Sarah founded and hosts a series of Farm-to-Table community dinners in the spirit of building community through food grown and made with love. At home, she loves gardening, fermenting, making yogurt and having tea parties.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is so cool! I think my Mom, Katie Pence would love this. She is also working hard to encourage the local food movement and produce her own local food as well. You can purchase her bread and wonderful vegetables at Roseman Creek Ranch in Anchor Bay. Email her at kpencegarden@yahoo.com

  2. hi! I keep feeling like maybe I must have run into you around the farmers markets somewhere…. I run Black Dog Farm in Redwood valley and write http://www.growitcookitcanit.com, and I’m also a crazy nut about eating local food. (have we met? you guys don’t actually really have names or pictures of yourselves anywhere, so I dunno…) I think we should do some kind of joint post about farm to table food….. or go mushroom foraging together…. my email is thejamgirl@gmail.com, and I have a facebook page for grow it cook it can it too. get in touch!

    1. Hi Caroline, I don’t know if we’ve met, but we should definitely know each other! We’ll check out your sites. Yes, we are way overdue on writing bios and adding more pics; we’ll get there. We’ve just been so busy working & feeding ourselves! Our email address is eatmendocino[at]gmail.com.

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