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Save the date: Farm-to-Table Dinner & Pie Auction – August 24th


Farm to Table Dinner

There is no easier way to be a locavore than to let us feed you!

We have scheduled the next Farm-to-Table Dinner for Saturday August 24th, 2013 at the Caspar Community Center. The event is open to the public and families are welcome.

Join us for a 100% Mendocino-grown meal featuring food from local farms and the sea. Prepared with love by the infamous Chef Matt Samuelson of the Spontaneous Cafe.pies

Doors at 6pm, Appetizers and a Pie Auction at 6:30

Dinner will be served at 7 pm

If you would like to receive an email when tickets are available, please comment on this post, or email us at eatmendocino(at)

It takes a village to make a dinner!

We are currently recruiting reliable volunteers to help with the following tasks:

  • Publicity
  • Berry pickers (for pie!)
  • Pie-baking squad
  • Flower arrangements
  • Kitchen crew: food prep
  • Servers
  • Clean-up crew

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in exchange for a dinner ticket.

8 thoughts on “Save the date: Farm-to-Table Dinner & Pie Auction – August 24th

  1. Hi Sarah, I might be interested in helping with food prep. I’ve been enjoying doing that at the recent monthly breakfasts at Caspar CC. Too early to plan my August 24th schedule as yet! Will this be a vegetarian menu again? It would be really helpful to know in advance. Thanks for all your good work! Jeanmarie

  2. Hello – I could help with publicity down here on the south coast….and I’m a fabulous flower arranger!

  3. Hi, intoonwouldmlike to work in the kitchen, as sous or line cook. Another option is pie baker.

  4. Hi Sarah -I would be into food prep and maybe publicity too. Ciao Cesca

    • Greetings again Sarah- Unfortunately, I can no longer help prep food for the Aug. 24th Farm to Table dinner -Dang! And I am really sorry to not be able to participate now. Sure hope there have been many other volunteers connecting with you though for the event. Francesca Ciancutti. PEACE and LOVE your ways

  5. Please keep me posted… I’d like to help too… Janet Self 937-2728

    Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 04:54:58 +0000 To:

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