The Gratitude Tree: Thanks for the love!

After launching our Kickstarter campaign only 4 days ago, we are delighted to have raised just over 25% of our goal! As each donation comes in, I’m amazed at the outpouring of support from fans, friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, high school classmates, and people I don’t even know! It’s really an incredible feeling to knowContinue reading “The Gratitude Tree: Thanks for the love!”

Eat Mendocino launches Kickstarter campaign to help us write a book!

A couple of weeks ago we shared some big news. That within our mighty little hearts was a book that needed to be written. And now, we invite you to help us make that happen. We’ve said all the important stuff in this video, and in the project description: what we plan to do, howContinue reading “Eat Mendocino launches Kickstarter campaign to help us write a book!”

A recipe for vulnerability

We are in the final stretch of the year and when people ask how it’s going right now, my response is that these last three months may be the hardest yet, and on some levels I’m totally over it. It’s harvest season and, yes, food is abundantly available and we’ve gotten really good at sustainingContinue reading “A recipe for vulnerability”

easy summer dessert: brown butter peaches w/ chevre

Introducing our beloved sisterwife Melinda, writer of this blog entry and creator of the world’s loveliest desserts. We love it when she comes home to surround us with her love and sweetness. i am a winter girl. ¬†everyone who knows me well knows that i’d rather live in january than june, and i’d rather wearContinue reading “easy summer dessert: brown butter peaches w/ chevre”

Eat Mendocino on the radio!

Hey guys, Did you catch our interview on Women’s Voices on KZYX? If you missed it, no worries, we have the link for you here: Blake Moore was kind enough to talk to us about our locavore ways. We had a blast, her show is really fun and I hope everyone gives her aContinue reading “Eat Mendocino on the radio!”


We are approaching the two week mark of eating, drinking and breathing local, and we are very much alive and well-fed. Please don’t think that we have forgotten about our dear readers/followers/skeptics during the kickoff of the big project. We think of you often. The days are just packed; we are in a constant flowContinue reading “Resolutions”