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Harvesting Sea Salt on the Mendocino Coast


Today we discovered the North Pole, and that Santa does exist – in the form of crystallized salt formed on tidepools on the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean. For those of you who have been following the salt saga, you know that it has been our most finite resource in the last seven months. I have come to call salt, “white gold.”

Today, we set out on a salt mission, backpack loaded with spatulas.

Searching for sea salt

In this video, I demonstrate our unabashed excitement at discovering some salt deposits.

And in this one, Gowan is delicately harvesting sea salt like the mermaid that she is.

As we scooped up these precious crystals, I looked at Gowan and said, “we are totally winning.” She agreed. No matter what else we have accomplished in the last 7 1/2 months, this is monumental. Salt security means that a locavore can rest easy, and harvesting it ourselves basically means that we are Santa Claus. Tonight we will sleep like babies.

3 thoughts on “Harvesting Sea Salt on the Mendocino Coast

  1. We harvested some local salt a couple of years ago. I think my boyfriend was hoping to keep it a secret, hah!

  2. That is so COOL! Your excitement is contagious, now I want to go collect some salt. Yay! for the wonderful life form, we call the ocean.

  3. i am super jealous of your sea salt. i keep meaning to go over the coast for a day but i’m stuck inland trying to keep everything alive in this heat. i’m also SUPER JEALOUS OF THAT FOG!!!!

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