Summer abundance

Hey guys,

Today has been an amazing day. I woke up outside in the misty morning on the farm of one of my best friends in the world. She and her husband and young baby moved onto their new land in January, and with the help of another of my dear friends, its been transformed into a paradise already.

Secure in the knowledge that my beloved summer apprentice Haley was taking care of the critters and the watering, I got to hang out in the warm Comptche sun, help walk horses to their new pasture, play with sheep, and milk their infinitely patient and beautiful cow.

I’m hoping to be starting my own farm soon, and Laurel is the most supportive friend a person could ask for. Today I was told that when I have my land, I’ll have a milk cow, sheep, and some grafted fruit trees to go with it. I told her I’d trade her piglets and goats. A skein of her beautiful grey homespun wool is waiting for me on my dresser, I have a chronological history of her mastery of knitting in my collection of hats, and her wedding rings came from my anvil. I’m so blessed to have such an amazing old friend to share farming and craft with.

I’m also blessed to have amazing new friends, like the young person who is helping them with their farm. She and I talked under the stars pointing out constellations until we fell asleep, and have a shared love of foraging and the ocean. Before I left she gave me a wetsuit, some herbs and seaweed, a bar of her first homemade soap, and plans to go seaweed harvesting together soon.

I arrived back on the coast to find that a friend was working in my barn, building me a cabinet for grain storage with a work table top. And while he had been there, another amazing man had dropped off a huge bag of shiitakes for Sarah and I- I’ve missed them so much! I’m so excited I can’t handle it, I can’t wait to hug him when I see him.


Then I got a call from my mom, telling me that her brainchild, I.S.I.S. had recieved its offical non-profit status from the government. Its an amazing project that I’m been so fortunate to be part of, please visit the page and enjoy the new tax-deductible donations!

I pan fried a few mushrooms for lunch and just as I was turning off the stove Sarah walked in my door, telling me that the market was more successful than ever this week. (I’m sure she’ll blog about it!)

I drove down to the harbor, taking everything in. Just being there reminds me of my gramps so powerfully. The smells of salt, fish guts and diesel aren’t exactly poetic but they’re home for me. I went into the Noyo Fishing Company and watched a salmon that had been caught that afternoon filleted by a mom while her daughter watched. Local food is family, in mine and so many others.



I’m just finishing cooking some ghee down out of butter, and starting dinner. Salmon and shiitakes, life is good.



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