Corn Harvest this Past Weekend

Originally posted on Mendocino Meats:
Many thanks to everyone who helped us harvest the Oaxacan Green dent corn in Potter Valley on Saturday! We had 15 wonderful people from all over the county join us on a beautiful fall afternoon. Everyone was extremely helpful and we harvested about half of the Oaxacan Green corn. The…

How to open a wine bottle with a rock

What happens when a bunch of amazing women who are thought leaders in the food/farming movement get together for a weekend on a cattle ranch? For those who came from the coast and the Bay Area, we strip off our fog-proof layers and introduce the Potter Valley sun to our flesh. The inlanders greet usContinue reading “How to open a wine bottle with a rock”

Take me to the river

This is going to be a really short blog post. We had a very busy, much-needed afternoon hanging out with a bunch of awesome women in Potter Valley, floating in the Russian River, drinking pink champagne, eating our bodyweight in local food and talking about our work in the food movement. And we’ll tell youContinue reading “Take me to the river”