Six months of eating local in Mendocino County

I was at a potluck a few weeks ago and a friend told me about the “daily report” that her grandmother emails to the whole family every so that they know she’s alive and well. She is aging and lives alone, so it’s a practical way to keep the family from worrying. It has also turned into an amusing and revealing correspondence that has captured precious family history and deepened their knowledge of her.

I bring this up because I realize many of you may not actually have evidence of our being alive, unless you’re following us on Facebook, or if you saw our smiling faces on the front page of the local paper this week. Otherwise I know I haven’t blogged in over a month, but let me assure you that our hearts beat strongly on the eve of our halfway point for this endeavor. In fact, Gowan had a physical exam at the doctor recently and we can officially report that she is in optimum health. I am recovering quite well from the car accident and we know we owe much to the power of local food. The baby goats are healthy and growing very quickly, too!

Eat Mendocino girls

As of tonight, we are exactly halfway into this yearlong adventure, and I really can’t believe it has gone so fast. One one hand, it’s impossible to summarize this experience when people ask us, “What has it been like?” But, there are certainly strong themes that have pronounced themselves. Here’s one way to break down what we learned during the first six months of eating local in Mendocino County.

Six-Month Redux: Key lessons
Month 1:  The importance of fat and potatoes.

Month 2:  Pie is a psychological necessity.

Month 3:  It doesn’t work to eat slow food, but drive too fast.

Month 4:  Life is better with ice cream.

Month 5:  It is hard to date a locavore.

Month 6: Summer also has its perils; such eating way too much stone fruit.

Looking toward month seven, I am inspired by my friend’s grandmother to make a new commitment to this project. It’s not enough for you to merely know that we are alive; the real lesson from the daily report is that much is lost by the lack of corresponding regularly. Even in the digital world where we are communicating with our various devices all the time, some of the most important conversations are never part of our daily lives – we wait for the big events or bad news to be in touch.

Our blog is meant to be a window into what it takes to start getting more intimate with your food, and to do that, we must actually show you how we make it all happen, day in and day out. In general the diet has become easier as the months get warmer, but there are new lessons, thoughts, recipes, victories and frustrations each and every day, and they need to be shared. So, I have decided to blog every single day in the month of July. I know myself, and it will be much easier for me stick with my commitment if it’s extreme (thus this entire undertaking!). Plus, eating is so much easier at this time of year, so I can spend less time hunting for food and more time with the keyboard. So, get ready for the “Eat Mendocino Daily Report.” I will only excuse myself from my daily writing regimen if my sister-wife wants to blog. I’ll see you here tomorrow. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Six months of eating local in Mendocino County

  1. I was in awe when you started this incredible journey. Six months later, I’m still in awe. I so admire your strength and ingenuity. I’d wish you good luck with the remainder of the year, but I have the feeling you don’t need it. You will persevere and finish strong!

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