Eat Mendocino

2 women, 365 days, 3,878 square miles

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The Kid Speaks

I’m surrounded by food.
Without even turning my head I can see a variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, dried beans in Mason jars, potatoes, honey, pickled things, greens, onion chips, a squash, garlic, and a box of wild mushrooms.
In the drawers there’s even more garlic, more dried beans, another potato, onions, more squash, and dried peppers.
I’m not even going to open the fridge, and if I went into Gowan’s room I’m pretty sure I’d find bunches of kale hanging in her closet like bats.
Now, I’ve become accustomed to being buried in food like this, but not so long ago my sustenance options were drastically different.
Where I lived before, the only produce I ever really saw were store bought apples, some potatoes, the occasional bell pepper or cucumber, maybe a head of iceberg lettuce, and a banana or two for some variety.
The rest of my diet consisted mainly of a lot of rice…
Honestly, I’m having trouble remembering what other kind of food units were kept there, however, I’m sure they were things like Rice-A-Roni, Shake’NBake and canned soup.
While living there I was cranky, constantly tired, unmotivated, and overall unhappy, which I’m sure had something to do with the company I was in, and a lot to do with the food I was eating.
Since I moved in with Gowan, I’ve had a steady supply of love, kale and dog drool (all of which are good for the complexion, lemme tell ya.)
Seriously though, the radical changes in environment and diet have wrought some noticeable differences in my morale and behavior.
Before I’d look at kale like it was a calculus problem, and now I’m look “Oooh! Let’s put that shit in PASTA!”
If someone handed me a food I’ve never had, I probably would have tried to avoid eating it, but now I’d bite into it without hesitation.
My skin’s gotten clearer, I can focus more easily, I feel alert within five or so minutes of waking up, I have more energy…
I know that last sentence sounded like a promotion for Five Hour Energy, but if I’m promoting anything, it’d be kale.
Kale, kale, kale.
Also, my ability to keep my mouth shut and play nice with others has, well, come into existence.
Yeah, before I really wasn’t good at that.
Anyway, my entire point here is that that green stuff that grows from the ground, and all of the fantastic people and animals that come with it, have made a hugely positive impact on every part of me, from the way my body feels to the way I look at life.
I’ve never been so thankful for vegetables.