Week #1 down, 51 weeks to go.

We opened: 2 jars of salsa, one jar of pickled onions, and 2 jars of sauce

We took out of the freezer: 4 pounds ground beef, one small duck, one carton chicken broth, two cartons mirepoix, one carton baba ganouj, one baggie red pepper paste, two baggies pesto.

We put in the freezer: an extra pot pie I made since two is about the same effort as one! And a pan of roasted garlic blended into cubes and frozen.

We foraged: a basket of candy caps and a whole bunch of pine needs for ferments.

This week in the kitchen was mostly about the kind of slow cooking I could do between the power outages and finish on the wood stove if necessary. We’ve had power completely or partially off for four days this week, including this morning.

We had a strong start to the project, waking up on the 1st in the afterglow of a fantastic NYE dinner at The GoodLife, to find a nice crockpot of stew waiting for us. The week took a turn in an apocalyptic direction when Hunter almost sacrificed themselves for the pantry in an earthquake, and then the raining and outages started. We’ve been able to stay strong and on target and even fed six people this week at various times.

All our potatoes are sprouting so we’re eating what we can and planting the rest! Ronda gave us some beautiful potatoes for next week with not a sprout in sight. Noah came over with goat milk and cheese which was awesome after three days of no dairy, and theirs is so sweet and mild, it’s been nice in lattes with bay nuts and in scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes.

We also ate a lot of fruit this week. We still have kiwis from Amalias vines, apples and citrus. A lot of that will run out soon, and hopefully I’ll get a little more creative with making us meals when I’m not so worried about keeping the farm afloat through this storm.

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