A Ukiah Haiku

Today’s mission was to find as much inland fruit as I could, in-between throwing on heels for work meetings and pounding glasses of water. I bought seven pounds of figs, which are my absolute favorite fruit ever (I’m Greek, duh), and then some friends invited me to harvest plums. Probably hauled about five pounds –Continue reading “A Ukiah Haiku”

Yes we can: a locavore must face her fears

Tonight I did something that I’m a little afraid of: canning. I am a fermenter, I deal with “salt to taste” and adjust the temperature by finding the right location in the house at the right time of year. I correct errors by skimming off the top layer and weighing the whole concoction down withContinue reading “Yes we can: a locavore must face her fears”

How to open a wine bottle with a rock

What happens when a bunch of amazing women who are thought leaders in the food/farming movement get together for a weekend on a cattle ranch? For those who came from the coast and the Bay Area, we strip off our fog-proof layers and introduce the Potter Valley sun to our flesh. The inlanders greet usContinue reading “How to open a wine bottle with a rock”

easy summer dessert: brown butter peaches w/ chevre

Introducing our beloved sisterwife Melinda, writer of this blog entry and creator of the world’s loveliest desserts. We love it when she comes home to surround us with her love and sweetness. i am a winter girl. ¬†everyone who knows me well knows that i’d rather live in january than june, and i’d rather wearContinue reading “easy summer dessert: brown butter peaches w/ chevre”

Take me to the river

This is going to be a really short blog post. We had a very busy, much-needed afternoon hanging out with a bunch of awesome women in Potter Valley, floating in the Russian River, drinking pink champagne, eating our bodyweight in local food and talking about our work in the food movement. And we’ll tell youContinue reading “Take me to the river”

Cucumber, tomato & basil salad for when quitting is not an option

I have a lot of silverware, way more than a single girl needs. So, when I get down to using a plastic fork, things have gotten bad. I admit it: I would really like a hot bath and take-out tonight. Instead, I will throw together some food eventually clean my kitchen and blog. Such isContinue reading “Cucumber, tomato & basil salad for when quitting is not an option”

Save the date: Farm-to-Table Dinner & Pie Auction – August 24th

There is no easier way to be a locavore than to let us feed you! We have scheduled the next Farm-to-Table Dinner for Saturday August 24th, 2013 at the Caspar Community Center. The event is open to the public and families are welcome. Join us for a 100% Mendocino-grown meal featuring food from local farmsContinue reading “Save the date: Farm-to-Table Dinner & Pie Auction – August 24th”

Mama Ellen talks about family and food

My family has had a couple weeks of sleeplessness, grief and gratitude. My beloved Gramps passed away on the eve of our sixth month of this project. I’ll write about him when I’m ready, but for now, here’s what my mom had to say. She is such a powerhouse I rarely get to surprise her.Continue reading “Mama Ellen talks about family and food”

How to make raw zucchini pasta

To me, zucchini defines summertime. Growing up in my parent’s garden in Chico (where squash could grow into baseball bats in a weekend) there was always more zucchini than we knew what to do with. Thus, I have a really hard time paying for zucchini – but here in the fogbelt, a girl has toContinue reading “How to make raw zucchini pasta”

Meatball Monday with a side of conversation

I believe a girl should eat her veggies and have her meatballs, too. This is not a post about the importance of eating local pasture-raised, grass-fed meat. This is just a post about tonight’s dinner. I had a friend visiting from out of town and we had a summer feast of meatballs, veggie stir fry,Continue reading “Meatball Monday with a side of conversation”