Start where you are

We are two days away from the New Year and I am relatively unprepared. The last two weeks have given me just enough time to clean out my pantry¬† and binge on a bunch of things that I don’t normally eat anyway, just for the sake of it. In between ice cream sundaes, corn chipsContinue reading “Start where you are”

Ruminating, involving ruminants.

Some thoughts on my former too-extreme version of this project and some speculation on how we’ll adapt this year: When I faced down actually doing this I found I had to change some major ways I had interacted with food for most of my adult life. At times this was awesome, and created a senseContinue reading “Ruminating, involving ruminants.”

The germination of the idea

I’m a small farmer- a micro farmer really. I manage a non-profit farm to school market garden. We have just about two acres, which are laid out incredibly inefficiently, have hard clay soil with no drainage, a north facing slope, and buildings sited to fully embrace every bit of the wind that comes whipping offContinue reading “The germination of the idea”